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craveyI went to high school during the 1960s and was influenced by the notion that people can have-and must find ways to have-a positive impact on society. This commitment to social justice shapes my professional and personal life, particularly my interest in critical thought. I believe that theorizing society and social change can offer guidance about how social change occurs and how we can best live in the world and contribute to progressive social change.

I was born and raised in Illinois and Indiana, and have lived in a number of places as an adult. As a kid, I spent many weeks each year in rural Georgia, so I do have some close connections to this region and am happy to be teaching and working in North Carolina. Bicycling in Chapel Hill is one of my passions, although it can be a bit daunting because of all the cars! I also love to grow vegetables in my back yard and make some great fresh salsa in the summertime. Most of all, I love to travel and see new things whenever I get the opportunity.

Here is my cv

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